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‘Contact us’ Standard Operating Procedures

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  • Last updated:2024-04-19
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1. The public may visit the main webpage and click on ‘Contact us’ to tell us about your concerns and opinions.

2. We have dedicated staff in place to collect public concerns/opinions via ‘Contact us’ and follow the public service document receipt SOP to print out/submit your concerns/opinions for the Chief Prosecutor’s consideration, log the entry and send it to the Mail Room for subsequent Documentation (Complaint) Receipt Registration on the public service document system.

3. Based on what you raised, your concerns/opinions will be subjected to public servant(s) at the relevant division(s) for follow-up.

4. Having received and processed your request accordingly, said public servant(s) will submit it to the Chief Prosecutor for final response and give you a reply with the result via an official public service document or Email.  

*Upon receipt of your request, the system will confirm receipt with an automatic email notice; it takes approximately seven (7) working days to process your request.

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