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Supervision of Anti-Drug Zone

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Supervision of Anti-Drug

Establishing a supervision team
On July 1, 1994, we established a cross-departmental “Anti-drug Supervision Team” by inviting various departments to appoint personnel to join, so as to unify the rights of drug investigation.

The district prosecutors also set up a “drug enforcement team” to strengthen the investigation of the crimes related to manufacturing, transporting, selling, and smuggling of drugs.

Supervision and Investigation
Properly handle the possession of evidence (urine)
We specially stipulated the procedures for container numbering, refrigeration, storage, corruption prevention, and destruction, as well as ordering prosecutors offices at all levels to handle accordingly.

Strengthen the Anti-Drug Promotion
Use various media to provide the public with correct drug information, and list “anti-drug” as a focus for promotion of essential legal knowledge. Assign prosecutors or probation officers to give lectures in various schools and groups.

Preventing drugs to maintain the health of citizens
Order the offender to go into a rehabilitation center
If the report from the rehabilitation center confirms that the person undergoing observation and rehabilitation exhibits the tendencies of continuing to use drugs, the prosecutor should petition the court to order the offender to receive a compulsory rehabilitation program to quit using drugs.


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