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Supervision of Community Service

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In order to supervise the community service business of the district prosecutors offices in various jurisdictions, we will investigate the implementation status of the community service under our jurisdiction in accordance with the “Implementation Plan for Strengthening the Supervision and Efficiency of the Implementation of the Community service by the Ministry of Justice”, so as to understand whether the first layer of supervision is carried out properly, find out whether there is any discrepancy in operation and improve immediately, and summary the results of supervision before reporting to the Ministry after the end of the year.

Supervision of Community Service

Compulsory Community Service System

In 2009, after referring to the penalty systems of Europe and U.S., the relevant provisions of Articles 41 and 42 of Criminal Code of the Republic of China were amended to use community service in place of short-term imprisonment and fine. The specific implementation of the criminal policy of leniency and strictness is the trend of crime treatment in various countries around the world, and it also makes Taiwan's penal system more perfect.
The implementation of compulsory community service system allows the sentenced of misdemeanor not to be labeled because of imprisonment, and will not be having difficulty in returning to society. Furthermore, because of the provision of unpaid community services, the loss of the society, as well as the interpersonal relationships, can be redeemed. Because the community servicers did not go the prison, they were able to maintain their current works and lives. In addition to saving the social and national financial burden, it also reduces other social problems arising from crime.

Legal basis
1. Article 41 and Article 42-1 of the Criminal Code
2. Article 479 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
3. Rules of Prosecutors Offices in handling Compulsory Community Services
4. Regulations on the Selection and Implementation of Community Service Enforcement Units

Implementation Status
Starting from September 1, 2009, in order to avoid the shortcomings of short-term imprisonment, to implement misdemeanors to make up for their mistakes, and for them to give back to the society, the local courts’ prosecutors offices actively combine local community resources through special projects to promote care programs for local community, so as to contribute to the disadvantaged and the community, so the community service system become more stable and complete, highlighting the benefits of implementing the compulsory community service system. In addition, it is coupled with multiple rehabilitation and education curriculum are supplemented to enhance the cognition of law, the life knowledge or humanistic quality of community servicers, so that they can feel the true meaning of community service and the sense of accomplishment of public service.

Compulsory community service adheres to the spirit of giving back, serving the neighborhood, and taking care of the disadvantaged groups. The community servicers cleanse their souls through laboring and pull up their sleeves to do their best. This system has so far delivered great results since its implementation.

1. The implementation of community service can enhance the community servicers’ motivation and sense of accomplishment in fulfilling their community service duties, as well as strengthening the professional knowledge and response skills of the executing personnel and agencies of community service. The project planning and development of community service aim to use refined, creative and public interest community service as the development goal of community treatment work.
2. Based on the concept of special prevention of crime, community servicers with special needs will have courses such as drug abstinence treatment and psychological counseling included in their community service treatments to help them rebuild their ability to live and adapt to social life. For the general community servicers, rehabilitation curriculum such as law education and life education will be added during the fulfillment of their community service duties, so as to enhance their concept of abiding the law and their respect for life. When if they understand how to respect and love themselves, they can be responsible for their families and society, thereby reducing the risk of re-committing crimes.
3. Actively promote the community service system and enable the full contribution of the system. Through the results of specific services, we invite institutions or units that participate in implementing the community service system to jointly promote the compulsory community service system, letting the public to understand, accept, support and assist these people, and more people can be benefited from the system.
4. Use the concept of community service as the basis to develop judicial protection work and implement the concept of restorative justice.

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